So smart: “The World Machine” is a vending machine that accepts multiple currencies.

The design team is hard at work on user experience flows. Brightly colored post-its to cheer up this grey rainy day in New York City!

The future is here: USB-powered watches, FTW. (via @warwickp)

Cool time clock illustration by Matt Stevens. (via @mlettini)

Yes folks, as Patrick the Coffee Czar can attest to, we are very serious about our coffee here at Harvest. When we found a Kickstarter campaign to make the Proper Coffee Cold Drip, well, we just had to see it for ourselves.


Cold brew rig? (Taken with Instagram)

In honor of our upgrade to Rails 1.9.3, Shawn designed these t-shirts, and Kim silkscreened a few of them for the crew. A little team swag, celebrating the hard work put in by Barry, TJ, and Warwick

“What is the marker of good design? It moves. The story of a successful piece of design begins with the movement of its maker while it is being made, and amplifies by its publishing, moving the work out and around. It then continues in the feeling the work stirs in the audience when they see, use, or contribute to the work, and intensifies as the audience passes it on to others. Design gains value as it moves from hand to hand; context to context; need to need. If all of this movement harmonizes, the work gains a life of its own, and turns into a shared experience that enhances life and inches the world closer to its full potential.”
— Frank Chimero on the Shape of Design and the Harmonics of Influence

Kind of a cool idea - “Designed by Audun Ask Blaker, the Lineær clock initially looks like any other clock, but upon closer inspection you find out that the time is written on a continually rotating scroll, emphasising that time is in perpetuity.”

(via dailydesigner)

Matthew Graham let us know that Chris Wallace included us in his three laws at Lift - we’re honored!

We’ll admit it - we’re bursting at the seams about the launch of our new Harvest for Mac today! Get in on it now:

This was a nice find by our own designer Kim Ku - nice!

blackklungs: Minimal Mac keyboard by Daniel Gray

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Famous logos and how they’ve changed over time - and where they could go in the future (as envisioned by the Huffington Post).

Graphic designer Ruth Tsang illustrates how she spent her idle time, from 2010.