A very interesting and beautiful personal annual report by Dan Mall, created in part with data he pulled from his own Harvest reports.

it’s the little things!


Harvest - When you leave a tab open on today’s timesheet and return to that tab the next day, it warns you that it’s a new day and provides a link to the new timesheet.

/via Mark van Lent

Harvest has today implemented a new way to integrate its time tracking product directly into existing project management applications. It’s called the Harvest Platform.

All it takes is 15 minutes to drop a few lines of JavaScript and HTML code into the app.

Our new Developer Platform launched today, and TechCrunch explains it, in their own words. 

“No other software has given me as much joy as this timekeeping tool. And it’s so much more than “just” a timekeeping tool. It helps me keep a pulse on my business, on what we’re selling (hours), on my most cherished inventory (my team) and how they are using their time. The reporting is amazing – I can literally pull up the dashboard and at the blink of an eye see where we stand against budgets, what activities we’re spending the most time on, who’s spending more or less time than expected where. Of course, I can also tell at a glance who has done their time sheet – like I said, pure joy.”
— We don’t usually toot our own horn, but we’re so happy to discover this review of Harvest that Sarah Million Baker wrote on her blog. We’ll keep working hard to make your business life easier, one timer at a time.